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This Privacy Policy and the Personal Data text is prepared to inform the users about the terms and conditions regarding the use of the data and the way the data is processed, which will be obtained and / or obtained during the use of the website managed and operated by ITSM DELIVERY, to provide communication between Freelancer and the Customer (Member / Members). 


ITSM DELIVERY adopts this Privacy Policy and Personal Data text on the confidentiality of the information that the Members share on the Site and the confidentiality, use and other relevant issues of the information processed during the visit of the Site as a visitor.


ITSM DELIVERY attaches importance to the confidentiality of the data and takes care to be transparent on the storage of information. This Privacy Policy and Personal Data text includes; what kind of data is collected, how it is used, to whom it is shared with if necessary, what are your rights about your personal data, and how such rights might be exercised.


This Privacy Policy and Personal Data text is an integral part of the User Agreement.


Each visitor / member confirming the Privacy Policy and Personal Data text, with ITSM DELIVERY or persons who provide service through ITSM DELIVERY or contact ITSM DELIVERY through the following situations, within the following restrictions, explicitly gives permission and approval in processing, storage indefinitely/ within the legal period/membership period or the period declared/will be declared by ITSM DELIVERY, analyzing, classification, updating, and transfer to third party business partners and / or consultants in order to provide ITSM DELIVERY services of personal and/or non-personal data.




Personal data means any information that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly. The personal data that we collect through ITSM DELIVERY; you share with the Site and / or stored on the accessible form is included in the personal data. Examples of personal data may be counted as your credentials, your first name, your last name, your e-mail address, your telephone number, your home address, your bank account information, your internet protocol (IP) address, if you are a corporate customer your commercial title, your tax office and number and the information you give us or allowed us to access preferably.


When you use ITSM DELIVERY, we collect the following information about your use of our services and from various sources.


Registration information: To benefit from ITSM DELIVERY services, you must be a member of ITSM DELIVERY. To register with ITSM DELIVERY, you must enter your username, password and email address. If you wish to register with third-party accounts (such as your Google or Facebook account), we will record that the third party account belongs to you during this registration.

Invoice information: When making a payment to ITSM DELIVERY, you must provide billing details such as name, address, e-mail address, trade name, tax office and tax number information and financial information (such as credit card number, expiry date, bank account number) of the type of payment you choose. The payment infrastructure based on the ITSM DELIVERY system is protected by 3D Secure; this data and CVC data ensuring the security of your credit card are not recorded in the ITSM DELIVERY infrastructure.

Service data that you wish to evaluate and review: The information you have entered in relating to the service you wish to supply through ITSM DELIVERY is recorded in the ITSM DELIVERYt infrastructure for evaluation and is used to provide you with better service at a later stage.

Other data you share willingly: We may store personal information or data you submit in other contexts.

Without prejudice to the provisions of this text, any information that Members and / or Site users give to ITSM DELIVERY is not shared with third parties or institutions in any way. Rimuut stores this data only for its own use in order to develop its own database and provide better service to its customers.


Usage data: Whenever you apply for our services, usage data is collected about you. The data which web pages of ITSM DELIVERY you visited, what you clicked, when you performed these actions, etc. may be included. In addition, like many today’s websites, many of our network servers, such as today's web site, keep log files; these files will save data whenever a device accesses them. Log files include data related to the nature of each access such as source IP addresses, internet service providers, files displayed on your website (HTML pages, graphics etc.), operating system versions and time stamps.

Device data: Data such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system inventory and performance information, and browser type is collected from the devices and applications you use to access our services.

Third-party information: If you allow third parties to share your information with us, we may collect personal information or data about you from those third parties. For example; if you prefer to sign up and log in ITSM DELIVERY with your Facebook account details, your login information is verified by Facebook; we only collect information that you expressly agree to share with us about your Facebook account by allowing your Rimuut account to connect to your Facebook account.




The information collected by ITSM DELIVERY might be used in various ways in order to optimize and improve the services of ITSM DELIVERY and improve the service provided to users through database by enriching it. ITSM DELIVERY may use this information for website management, security, promotional activities, research and analysis. No information will be disclosed to the public. However, it is also possible for us to use your information or to share it with third parties providing that relevant information is anonymized. 


ITSM DELIVERY is obliged to take the necessary technical and administrative measures for providing  appropriate level of security, in order to ensure the maintenance of personal data and protect against unlawful processing activities and access to personal data by taking the utmost care to store your information.


ITSM DELIVERY does not have any obligation except to inform the concerned person and the relevant administrative authorities; in case of obtainment, alteration or deletion of your information by means of unauthorized entry, disruption, replacement of your data stored by ITSM DELIVERY.


Every time you visit the site, your IP address, operating system, browser (chrome, explorer, etc.), connect time, time information and similar information are automatically saved; such information obtained without your permission may be used by ITSM DELIVERY, associated with your personal information or anonymously on the condition it is not shared with third parties.


All information obtained from you in order to make you benefit from the services offered by ITSM DELIVERY is protected in accordance with our obligations under relevant legislation regarding the protection of the personal data.


ITSM DELIVERY provides limited access to its employees and business partners -particularly third-party partners- who need access to relevant information in the scope of legal obligations or Rimuut system requirements.




Your personal data collected by ITSM DELIVERY may be transferred, processed and stored to overseas countries, countries other than the user / member country and the jurisdiction and servers in another country, in accordance with the storage of such data, or other lawful purposes in this text. ITSM DELIVERY may transfer users / members' information, including personal data, to another country and jurisdiction that does not have the same/similar data protection laws in their jurisdiction.


Accordingly, ITSM DELIVERY may transfer the processing procedure with a sub-contract to another person or may share your information with third parties in countries other than your country of residence in order to carry out the activities specified in this Privacy Policy. When performing this procedure, ITSM DELIVERY complies with the obligations stipulated in the relevant legislation. Thus, your personal information may be subject to different privacy rules than your country of residence. However, the data will be processed in a limited way extent to the scope in this text.


ITSM DELIVERY does not rent, sale or share of user’s personal information to other or non-affiliated companies (ex. direct marketing purposes). ITSM DELIVERY, however, may share non-personal (anonymous) aggregated information with third parties. 


ITSM DELIVERY may share personal information with companies that provide services, taking into account their legal obligations (such as data processing centers or customer service centers).These service providers are obliged to protect this information.


Your personal data might be shared with public institutions and organizations authorized to request such data in order to fulfill Rimuut's obligations under the law (where obligation to give information exist such as fight against the crime, threat against government and public security).


If ITSM DELIVERY agrees that a reasonable disclosure is necessary, in cases where legally authorized; it may share relevant information with third parties in order to fulfill its own terms and conditions or to ensure operation or user safety.




Cookies are small text files to recognize continuous users and placed on the device that you use when accessing our services. The duration of all cookies expires after a certain time depending on our reason of use such cookies. Cookies are used for several reasons:


To improve the use and the functionality of our site: If you use the “Remember me” feature to speed up access to your account, we can store your username in a cookie.


Security reasons: We use cookies to verify your identity (or, for example, to see if your session is still open in Rimuut).


Customization of our site for your personal needs: We can store user preferences in cookies, such as the default language, to personalize the content you're viewing.


To enhance our services: We use cookies to measure ITSM DELIVERY use by you, follow up routing data, and sometimes show you different content versions. This information will help us to improve our services and optimize the content we show to users.




Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are cookies that are absolutely necessary for the Site to function/use properly. These are cookies needed to operate the system, to prevent fictitious transactions, and if these are blocked, the Site may not function properly.


Analytical/Performance Cookies: These cookies let us to analyze and understand the operation of our site and to improve our site interacting with you. The use of these cookies may be prevented.


Functionality Cookies: These cookies let us operate the Sites in accordance with the choices you make. These Cookies permit us to "remember" you in-between visits and provide you with easy access to certain content on the site. The use of these cookies may be prevented.


Advertising Cookies: These are cookies that collect information about your activities on these and other sites to provide you targeted advertising. The use of these cookies may be prevented. However, this prevention will not preclude advertising content on the whole; only ads with generic content will be presented rather than the ads that may be of interest to you.




Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your device for a specific period of time or until you manually delete them. These cookies are often used to measure users' preferences and Site activity.


Session Cookies: These cookies are used to separate the user's visit into sessions and do not collect data from the user. These cookies are deleted when the user is inactive for a certain period of time on the web page he / she visits or closes this web page. Target and tracking cookies are used for providing services by third parties on the Site and to increase the effectiveness of these services. These cookies can remember the web pages and sites you have visited, and may collect personal data, in particular the IP address of the user device. The Site uses both first-party and third-party cookies for such situations; to collect information, to remember demographic data and your interests, to present targeted ads and to determine ad impressions, and the number of visits. The Site benefits from social plug-ins that provides links to social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. When you visit the Site and use these plug-ins, the Site connects directly to the server of the selected social network. Then, the content provided by the plug-ins is forwarded directly from your social networks to your web browser and added to the website you are visiting. Thus, the relevant social network can process your data by accessing it and combine it with the data of your account in the relevant social network.


ITSM DELIVERY has no control over the data that social networks process via plug-ins. Personal data policies published by relevant social networks should be carefully read to learn more about the purpose, method and retention period for/by which social networks will process your personal data.


The Internet browser you use usually opens as Cookies accepted. However, you can change these settings and inactivate Cookies at any time. If you decide to inactivate Cookies; as explained above, you may not be able to utilize the services we offer on the Site. For detailed information about Cookie settings of Internet browsers, please see the links below:


Internet Explorer:





Please do not forget that if you do not set up browser and / or e-mail settings to inactivate cookies, you will be deemed to have approved the use of cookies by us.




The following criteria are used by ITSM DELIVERY in the determination of the storage and retention times of your personal data obtained in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation that we are subject to:


If the relevant legislation stipulates a period of time for the storage/retention of such personal data, this period shall apply. After this period, necessary actions are taken.

At the end of the period foreseen in the relevant legislation or if any period for storing such data is not foreseen; compliance with the principles of storing the information is considered, for example; whether ITSM DELIVERY has a legitimate purpose for the storage of data. The data which might be in violation of the principles stipulated in the legislation shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized.

As ITSM DELIVERY, the personal data obtained by us in accordance with the relevant legislation shall be destroyed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation by us ex officio or upon application of data subject, in case the personal data processing purposes listed in the legislation are abolished.




We may amend this Privacy Policy and Personal Data text at any time; however, we will notify you by publishing the amendments on the Site. We may notify you of any such changes, in some important situations, by email or by other noteworthy methods reasonably designed to inform you, as appropriate through additional notices. You will be deemed to have approved our changes in privacy policy, if you do not terminate your membership and continue to use our services upon being informed of these changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and Personal Data text or an updated privacy policy (if any), you have the right to close your account at any time or not to respond to surveys.




You have following rights by applying ITSM DELIVERY free of charge;


To learn whether personal data is processed,

To request information about personal data if they have been processed,

To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,

To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred,

To request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately

To request erasure or destruction of personal data according to relevant legislation,

To request notification of the operations made as per indents (e) and (f) to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred

To object to the occurrence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

To request compensation for the damage in the event of the data subject incurs damage due to the processing of personal data unlawfully.

In addition, if you consider that the processing of your personal data violates the relevant legislation, without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy; you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. Although you have exercised your legal rights listed above, we retain certain personal data within the scope of our legal obligations, the data required to be processed under the User Agreement and our record keeping obligations.

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