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ITSM Delivery source talented IT specialists for your business, whether it's a programmer for several hours of work or a whole team for a multi-year project.

For our cooperation that might mean broader range of opportunities as now we're able to provide same range of services also via our branch offices.

Our core Recruitment services, finding best suitable candidates for your business needs. We started with recruitment in IT sector, since all founders come from IT business environment. 

We expanded to hiring high level professionals (blue and white collars) in engineering fields, as well as managerial positions. 

We are fast growing company in The Baltics, Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus, starting in 2015 in Riga.


To be the largest recruiter and IT consultant in the Baltic countries. To offer the consultant the most attractive assignments and you as consultant service consumers complete solutions for your projects

Core values

We nurture the work environment that encourages the employees to pour in their talent and roll out innovative IT solutions for the clients. Transparency, creativity, individual freedom and strong team support are the four unshakeable pillars on which ITSM Delivery stands firmly.


To provide resourcing and project solutions to our clients helping them to convert challenges into outstanding business results.

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